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Arthur Cope Arthur Cope – Owner. Arthur established Midwest Foil Corporation in 2001. Prior to that he worked for 30 years in the aluminum foil and flexible packaging industry in Europe, South America and the USA. Transactions are handled in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan. Michael Sullivan has worked for Midwest Foil Corporation since 2009. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision and a minor in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and International Business Relations from Purdue University. Mike worked in the R&D Department at the Ford Electronics and Refrigeration Corporation, at the Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company and as a quality Engineer at Keihin IPT Mfg., Inc., a Tier One Honda supplier. Mike is Manager of Marketing and Customer Service for Midwest Foil Corporation.
Sharon Cope Sharon Cope – Owner. Sharon has been employed in business since 1969. Her experience encompasses having been a Stock Broker and Registered Principle in the Securities and Exchange business and she currently holds a Broker License in the Real Estate business. Sharon is Corporate Secretary and co-owner of Midwest Foil Corporation.
Midwest Foil Corporation
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Telephone: (317) 375-1821
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