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Why Midwest Foil

Midwest Foil offers a worldwide network of suppliers "connecting all points" for our clients. We secure your competitive advantage by minimizing cost, leveraging currency exchange rates, and managing supply to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing capability.

We provide professional consulting services with every transaction. For example, we can minimize your costs and maximize your profits by implementing a supplier managed inventory system. Or, we can analyze your market and furnish a complete solution customized for your unique application. Our personnel are well trained in current professional quality programs to provide for seamless operation when issues arise. Midwest Foil is much more than a sales agent.

Midwest Foil is owned by Arthur and Sharon Cope. It is operated by Arthur Cope and Mike Sullivan. Decades of combined business experience allow us to tailor your program to meet specific needs unique to each industry.

Midwest Foil Corporation
33 E 39th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Telephone: (317) 375-1821
Fax: 317-222-1798

Arthur Cope

Mike Sullivan